Some of our members asked so here is more info
about the FINIKO company.

- A Russian Company
- Leader: Kirill Doronin
- Head office: Kazan
- Core business:  trading
- Traders: 25
- Franchised Offices: over 300
- Licenced in the E.U. for crypto to FIAT exchange
- They have their own Mastercard
- Early stage of expansion outside Russia

Finiko are licensed, which is very rare for Crypto companies.

Finiko are a licensed Russian Financial Services company that trades as well as offers loans for cars and real estate.

They pay around 21% per month, but be aware of the fees and long capital withdrawal period.

How to start investing in FINIKO, step by step instructions:
  1. Register with FINIKO at this link
  2. Select english as language (bottom-left selector)
  3. Get the amount of $1035 in bitcoins with 3.5% fee included.
  4. Deposit money into your FINIKO account ( watch getting started video ). In the office they will be in the form of the system's internal currency - CFR ;
  5. Buy the CTI Investment Index ( instruction ).Currently, one CTI is equal to 1000 CFR ($ 1000);
  6. After 3 working days, your account will receive the first dividend in the amount of 1% -1.5% of the invested amount.
  7. When the amount of dividends reaches 100 CFR ($ 100), it will be available for withdrawal.
  8. Best to withdraw once on every 8th days, since in this case the fee will be the minimum 3%. Money is withdrawn in Bitcoins to your wallet.

Things to know

* Support works well but is in russian, so get
google translator ready when you contact them

* If you want to invest, be prepared to a high level  of
scrutiny. contact support if you need help.

* Link:

* Telegram English support channel

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