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What is CrystalClearFunds?

CrystalClearFunds is a private advertising Club providing high quality advertising to their members.
In addition to the common advertising sold on the site we also offer "Adshares".
Adshares entitles members to receive discretional daily returns based on our performance. Such returns are neither fixed nor guaranteed and depend on the success of our trading activities.

We have opened when we were ready to open.
We are the owners but we are also Club members and the biggest Adshare holders, because our money run with the site.
Our money is already in the various programs of our portfolio so, there was no "bad time" to open. For us any time was the "right time".

The Club is made to last very long time and if there is no interest in our Club now, there will be in the future..We will keep investing in our portfolio programs later exactly as we are doing now.

No. You must be at least 18 old and you can join on invitation only.
You should be invited by another member in order to register with us.

Yes you can register for free and stay as a free member forever.

Yes, you can earn. If you promote the Club, as a free member you will get 5% on each purchase made by your referrals and 2.5% on repurchases while Club members get twice as much.

You may also visit sites of other members and earn some money without referring anyone. You can do that in the member area.

No, You can only have one CCFC account. One account per IP, wallet and per person.
If you want to register your relatives with your same IP you should contact us first. If you are unsure if you are allowed or not to create an accout the simpliest thing is to ASK!
Please note that in such case they will NOT be registered as your referrals.

The Club Membership costs $30.00 and it will last forever.
However, the money received as Club Membership will be included in the sharing pool generating returns and will be returned to you in two years in small dayly percentages.

Becoming a Club member will entitle you to get full access to the members area, including purchasing Adshares. Your Direct referral Commission will be twice as much as Free members, withdrawal fees will be reduced PLUS your Club membership quote will be paid back to you within 2 Years

Yes, it is currently possible to buy Adshares even as a free member.

Each Adshare cost $20.00 and will return $25.00.
As we cannot provide fixed returns, the 125% cashback will be reached in an undeterminated amount of time.

No, each member can have maximum 80 Adshares. Additionally thare is a "Cap" of 2500 maximum available Adshares in the CrystalClearFunds system because we don't want to manage an unlimited amount of money. We only manage the funds that we feel comfortable with.

Adshares, as the word says, include Advertising.
You will get 200 guaranteed visits on a website/page of your choice for each Adshare purchase.

No, there is no need to do anything to earn back on Adshares.

Absolutely not. It is impossible to make any guarantee of earning as we only share profits when and if actually there are profits.
The aim of the Club is to operate in full transparency and to offer good returns to their members through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.
This is exactly what make us a long term opportunity.

We currently use Payeer, PerfectMoney and Cryptocurrecies through CoinPayments.
We accept only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as Cryptocurrencies.

No, every payment method have its own wallet and cannot be exchanged at this time.

No, usually we pay out within 48 business hours. Withdraws are not processed on Saturday and Sunday. The system accepts only 1 cashout request per person at a time.

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