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Fill in the registration form on our website, verify your email address and sign in to your account. As a member you have access to the member area for unlimited time.

As a free member you will have the ability to participate in our Advertising, you will be able to promote and, of course, you will be entitled to earn referral commissions. In order to participate in our Profit Sharing program a Club Membership is NOT required.

Step 2 - Become a Club Member

Becoming a Club Member have its advantages and it only cost $30.00 for a lifetime membership, and additionally your membership will be paid back to you!

Become a Club Member and you will have Full Access to the members area, you will be able to buy Adshares, your Direct referral Commission will be twice as much as Free members, reduce withdrawal fees PLUS your Club membership quote will be paid back to you!

Step 3 - Buy Adshares

We share 90% of the profits generated from the various websites of our Portfolio and 50% of the profits generated by the Advertising sources present on the CrystalClearFunds website.

Each Adshare cost $20.00 and will return $25.00 in an undetermined amount of time, then it will expire. Returns are added Monday to Saturday to your account wallet. Each Adshare also include high quality advertising in the form of Guaranteed website visits.
In order to purchase Adshares a Club Membership is NOT required.

Membership Type Free Member Club Member
Duration Lifetime Lifetime
Ability to Promote
Commission on Direct Referrals Purchases 5% 10%
Commission on Adshare Repurchases 2.5% 5%
Club Membership Cashback
Full Site Access
Ability to buy AdShares
Withdrawal Fees 6% 3%
100% Passive Returns

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