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Current Programs

Name Type Description Added
AdBTCs PTC with Cashback Low cost website traffic advertising. All visitors are guaranteed to be bitcoin users. Members can win up to 0.02 BTC every hour and 0.01 BTC by surfing.

Up to 130% Cash Back every purchase of their advertising services (MUST VISIT SITES TO EARN - NOT PASSIVE).
Staking Coins Staking Coins long term I have dedicated a relatively small amount of the funds to staking Tezos, Cosmos and, as soon as will be available Cardano. The yearly reward is between 5 and 10% but the potentiality of these 3 coins is big. Would they go up 30% or more I would consider selling them. 2020-05-15
BetterBit Profit Sharing Make your Bitcoins Better!
Here they place Bitcoins into a variety of projects, which helps diversify risks.
They do all the research and work.
KANGOT Trading Passive Passive Income Plans with very Attractive Returns generated in Real Trading Activities in various Financial Markets. 2020-04-11
CT Passive Passive & Advertising Passive Revenue sharing program.
The owner Trade crypto and forex and sells traffic and have an ebook store.
BITLES Crypto/MLM Earn and multiply crypto in a fully automated mode.
Bitles offers its users access to the Cryp-Spider algo-trading system via their proprietary Savings Plans.
Passive Expert Profit Sharing Profits are generated from many 3rd-party platforms. This creates a sustainable business model that enables the company to consistently pay the optional members rewards program. 2020-04-04
Mind Capital Crypto Trading Arbitrage This is the first CRYPTO-FIAT platform in the world
A high profitability system available to everyone.
MirrorTrading Forex Trading The company uses advanced digital software and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade on the international Forex markets.
Daily profits are divided in a sustainable manner and are added to member accounts.
Finiko International Trading The company is a Licensed Financial Services company with a team of 12 traders. 2020-04-02
8Bit Ltd. Passive Income This company is a registered company that keeps paying since 2017. They offer an outstanding Free earning Opportunity (in Doge) and interesting Earning plans. 2020-04-01
Exchanges Trading Trading Crypto at Binance, Kucoin, Huobi or Bybit (Margin Trading). Sizes are usually small and we use a tiny percentage of our investments. Selections are chosen by CCFC with the help of our consultants.

We are subscribed to several different Trading Signal Newsletters, websites, Telegram and Discord Channels. These are of great help to chose the right trades most of the times.
Diversify Funds Revenue Sharing A stable Revenue Sharing Program with a reliable, honest Admin that is paying its members since 2016 without hassles. 2020-03-30
CrystalClearFunds Advertising Revenue We share 50% (less commissions) of our Advertising Revenue with our members, so when you buy ads here, you not only help us recover expenses, but also earn back from your spent. 2020-03-25

Programs Under Test

Name Type Description Added
CrossTrade Fund Management Independent fund manager with a growing position in capital market and a strong international presence. 2020-04-04
AMFEIX Crypto Trading Fund AMFEIX went on to create the first global-scale fund that specializes in cryptocurrency trading. 2020-04-02

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