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CrystalClearFunds   is a private advertising company providing high quality advertising to its members.

CrystalClearFunds   uses third-party online programs and platforms and operate trading activites. The profits generated from such activities get distributed to our private club members through our Adshare rewards program.

The aim of the Club is to operate in full transparency and to offer good returns to their members through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.

Through our Revenue Sharing Pool CrystalClearFunds   allows its members to participate with a small amount of money in Online Opportunities that require more liquidity if anyone wanted to participate individually.

In order to make CrystalClearFunds   100% sustainable, we only share its profits when and if there are profits. This is exactly what make us a long term opportunity.

CrystalClearFunds   is 100% free and the only requirement to participate in our program is to be invited to join by a current Club member.


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